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WWelcome to the Open SiteSearch home page. Within this site you will find documentation, quick reference lists, and training support materials.

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    The Open SiteSearch toolkit provides a comprehensive solution for managing distributed library information resources in a World Wide Web environment. WebZ™ is java-based Z39.50 client/server component used to create an interface to information resources. Database Builder provides the tools to build local databases in various record formats, that can then be accessed through the WebZ interface.

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    The Documentation area provides resource materials for all areas of the Open SiteSearch Suite. If you know which area you want to view, select it from the right; otherwise, view the Documentation area for a description of the available topics.

    Each area consists of task-based documentation, references, examples and much more.

  • Getting Started
  • System Administration
  • The WebZ Interface
  • Database Building with Newton
  • Database Building with Pears
  • Record Builder
  • Product Updates

  •   Support

    The Support area contains reference materials created by the SiteSearch Product Support staff. The material for this area is based on common questions that Support received from users. The Support area's purpose is to enhance the current Open SiteSearch documentation.

  • Support FAQ
  • Technical Support Base
  • SiteSearch Interoperability

  •   Technical References

    Technical References include detailed SiteSearch 4.x API information, Quick References to description and syntax information for the various parts of SiteSearch and WebZ such as VERBS, widgets, and .ini files.

    Technical References
  • SiteSearch 4.2.0 API
  • mSQL Documentation
  • Quick References
  • JDK API Documentation
  • Standards Information
  •   Community

    The purpose of this section is to document SiteSearch meetings, to distribute presentations to the entire user community, and to provide links to sites related to Open SiteSearch.

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  • User Meetings
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    All files on this site are indexed and searchable using Google. Enter search terms followed by "" in the Google search box.


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