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Product Updates

This document provides links to important information regarding product releases, patches, and the Open SiteSearch Known Bug List.

Product Versions and Patches

Open SiteSearch
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Version 4.2.1

Version 4.2.0a

Version 4.2.0

Version 4.1.2a
Version 4.1.2
Version 4.1.1
Version 4.1.0

Version 4.0.2

Version 4.0.1

Version 4.0.0a (patch)

OCLC SiteSearch Known Bug List

Bug List


by Category

Bug reports grouped into categories to help you locate information quickly.

by Report Number

Complete list of bugs arranged by Bug Report Number, with the most recently reported bug appearing at the top of the list.

by Detailed Description

Complete list of bugs arranged by Bug Report Number. Each bug report includes a detailed description of the reported bug, the platforms and software versions to which it applies, and how to obtain a fix for the problem.

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