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OCLC SiteSearch Documentation
Getting Started
  • System overview
  • Installation
  • Starting and stopping the SiteSearch system
  • Testing the installation
System Administration
  • SiteSearch system information
  • Operating the SiteSearch system
  • Using logging and statistics
  • Controlling patron access
The WebZ Interface
  • Overview of the WebZ interface
  • Modifying the look and feel
  • Modifying record formatting
  • Customizing the interface using the patron's profile

Database Building with Pears
Database Building with Newton

  • Building SiteSearch databases
  • Optimizing database searching
  • Testing database accessibility
  • Adding a database to the system
  • Maintaining databases
Record Builder
  • Process model and overview
  • Online record updates
  • Administration
  • Single record import and export
  • Interface
  • Configuration files
  • Configuring WebZ Extension for Record Builder
  • Adding a Record Builder database to the WebZ interface
Product Updates
  • Patch Installation Features
  • Version Features
  • Open SiteSearch Suite Known Bug List

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