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SiteSearch Slide Presentations

This page provides links to the PowerPoint slide presentations used during formal classroom training for SiteSearch. They are made available to you here as support and reference for SiteSearch courses that you may have already taken or to help you prepare for courses that you are planning to attend. Since the slide presentations do not include an audio portion, they are not currently a replacement for formal classroom training. Full classroom training includes lecture, instructor-led activities, and group exercises to clarify concepts, procedures, and other information introduced on the slides.

Slide Presentations

The following table contains links to the current PowerPoint presentations about SiteSearch along with a brief description of each presentation's content:

Link to Presentation
Description of Content
Introduction to SiteSearch

This slide presentation introduces you to the main concepts, architecture, and standards underlying SiteSearch and its functionality. It provides the foundations for other presentations that focus on individual components of the SiteSearch software. This is the first presentation in a series about WebZ and it is the recommended starting point if you are unfamiliar with the SiteSearch software.


Installation and Operations

Procedures for installation, configuration, and administration of WebZ are provided in this slide presentation.


Database and Server Configuration

Database types, how WebZ finds a database, index mapping, and configuring a group database are the main topics of this presentation. An exercise is provided to give you the opportunity to configure a remote database for access through the WebZ interface.


Java in SiteSearch

This presentation identifies the different implementations of Java in the SiteSearch Suite. Packaging, the CLASSPATH, and system API documentation are also covered. The last section of the presentation defines and demonstrates how you can use WebZ rules-based formatting to display records in the WebZ interface.


WebZ Interface Creation and Customization

During this presentation, you first revisit page processing in WebZ and then you are introduced to to the concept of interface styles and their configuration in the Out of the Box Interface (OBI), version 1.


Access Component and System Troubleshooting

The concepts of interface and database security are discussed in this slide presentation. You are given a tour of the Access Component and the structure of the mSQL database that supports it. An optional exercise at the end is provided to give you the opportunity to configure the Access Component to work with remote databases available in the OBI, version 1.


Building Local Databases with Database Builder

This presentation leads you through procedures for defining a set of database rules (indexes), building a database using the ssdot utility, testing a database using various tools, and maintaining a database's structure and content.


Building Local Databases with Record Builder

This presentation revisits the procedure for building a local database and introduces you to the capability of updating the database online using the cataloguer interface in the Record Builder application. Additionally, the Record Builder application is defined, contrasted, and compared in relation to the WebZ and Database Builder components.



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