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2002 OCLC SiteSearch Open Source User Meeting

OCLC hosted the first OCLC SiteSearch™ Open Source User Meeting on May 2-3 (Thursday-Friday), 2002 at OCLC's facilities in Dublin, Ohio. The 2002 Open Source User Meeting was open to anyone interested in participating in the OCLC SiteSearch Open Source Project.

The goal for the Open Source User Meeting was to provide opportunities to:

  • define the top priorities for upcoming SiteSearch Open Source
    community development projects
  • collaborate with other SiteSearch Open Source users
  • establish a governance framework for the project

This was a great opportunity to find out more about the OCLC SiteSearch software and the SiteSearch Open Source Project.

Meeting Details

The following meeting information is available:

Additional Information

For additional information about the 2002 SiteSearch Open Source User Meeting, please contact Stephanie Napier, OCLC SiteSearch Open Source Project Manager, by phone at (800) 848-5878 ext. 5229 or by e-mail at

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